Yoga privates & Consulting


yoga privates

Interested in deepening you practice? Getting a new routine to work on at home? Prefer to practice in by yourself or in smaller groups? Then yoga privates is for you! Price varies depending on location, time and group size.

Prices starts at 1200sek.

Building your brand...

New in the world of yoga, need help and advice on how to get classes, get into a studio, make a name for yourself in the business you have come to the right place. Been active in the business for years both in Sweden and abroad. 

As a new teacher or even as an established one it can be hard to navigate in the yoga world. Each community is different, each arena and corner of the world have their way to do business, communicate and set standards for classes, workshops and retreats.

I am offering consultation on an individual basis how you can build your brand, take it to the next level and more specifically help you when it comes to classes, workshops and retreats.

For inquiries and prices email me at