I have had many yoga teachers over 9 years of practice and Lina stands out as one of the exceptional ones. She pushes me to my edge, sees potential, and encourages me to grow my practice in ways I didn’t think possible. And she’s got a great personality and good taste in music! You’d be lucky to practice with her.
— Mike Giordano, 47
I was lucky enough to be a student of Lina’s for a few months while she was teaching in Washington, DC. Over that time period I was able to witness a change in so many of her students’ practices, my own included. She has a talent in recognizing a student’s edge and giving them the confidence and tools to get there. I think what separates Lina from a lot of other teachers is she not only has a passion for the practice but she has a passion in having her students succeed. She has been an incredible resource, support and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to be her student.
— Celeste
Lina is a caring and inspiring teacher whose guidance has been essential to deepening my practice. Her ability to empower students to find their edge and conquer their fears is an indispensable resource. I feel very lucky to have Lina as part of my yoga journey.
— Kelly, 30
I was a casual yoga attendee for a couple of years, but in the past year or so I’ve found teachers and styles that encouraged me to delve deeper into my yoga practice. Lina Lindahl is a large part of the progression of my yoga practice, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. Lina really encourages me and other students to “push their edges,” and everything has changed as a result. My yoga practice is more physical, I enter and hold poses more mindfully, and I’m really able to leave everything on the mat at the end of a class. Lina is an amazing yoga instructor and friend. I’m so excited that she has finally opened her own space, and any future students will truly benefit from her dedication, knowledge, and expertise. I’m so proud of her!
— Peter Davidson, 27
As a life long competitive athlete, the concepts of letting go, being playful and erasing judgment seemed counter intuitive. Three years ago, I retired from playing international Women’s Rugby and starting a new journey for my body and mind. I began to practice yoga and committed myself to three days a week on my mat. Here is where I met Lina and from my first class under her instruction, I knew she was someone special. You cannot deny her passion and enthusiasm for teaching yoga. Lina’s ability to challenge me to find my edge physically, take a leap of faith mentally and discover my inner potential spiritually, is unsurpassed. My body became stronger but more importantly for me, Lina helped me to let go of self-criticism and judgment and find self-love and acceptance. With each tree pose the joy in my heart grew. Lina encouraged me to try new movements and arm balances and her belief in me helped me to feel safe to let go of my fears. Lina is an amazing teacher and I have been blessed to have been her student.
— Melissa Kanuk
Lina is an incredible instructor who pushes you to do your best and work your hardest, all while creating a supportive and comfortable atmosphere. When I first met Lina, I was very new to yoga and never tried to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Within a month of taking Lina’s classes, I was not only trying new yoga positions, but actually succeeding at them. I still have much to learn, but that is the wonderful part about yoga - we all do. I’m so honored to have worked with Lina throughout my practice. Sweden is lucky to have her!
— Katie, 32
Lina puts all of her heart into her yoga practice and teaching. She inspired me to take my own practice to new and challenging areas, both on and off the mat. Yoga allows us to come together and work at our own pace - Lina is especially cognizant of her students’ needs and encourages her classes to do everything with a smile.
— Jonathan Thomas
Lina’s yoga classes are more than a physical practice - she will train your mind to be focused and strong. Her instruction will take you to both your physical and mental limits. Lina motivated me to practice yoga almost daily. I now have no back pain and feel stronger than I have in years, and bonus - I lost all my pregnancy weight! Run, don’t walk, if you have a chance to study with her!
— Purnima